We are a modern automotive service company located in Scarborough (Toronto). The company's objective is to provide a superior, integrated, total automotive services to our clients. Tex-Sel also renders complete fleet management services.

Our fully computerized shop specializes in fleet maintenance and is capable of doing all general repairs on all makes and models of automobiles and trucks. Our labour rates are well below those of automotive dealers in the area. We charge the cost saving actual labour hours rather than the dealers' "book" or standard job hours. Our facilities are accredited by the Environment Ministry for the Ontario Drive Clean Program.

Unique Features

We can provide a unique and superior service due to:
- our extensive automotive experience (we have over 24 years of fleet experience).
- our fully computerized shop that includes F.M.C. 4-Wheels Computer Alignment System, Sun Computer Analyzer (Scope), MotorVac Carbon Clean System, O.T.C. Diagnostic System, Snap-On Refrigerant Maintenance Center (A/C).
- our "one stop" integrated service of repairing, maintaining, and management of your vehicles.
- our desire to become familiar with your company's business regarding the operational usage of your vehicles.
- our mechanics are paid by the hour rather than at the dealers' flat rates. This maximizes quality efforts to ensure that the job is completed perfectly the 1st time.
- our mechanics are not paid commissions on any parts sold to you.
- we can install, service and maintain auxiliary equipment affixed to your vehicles ( e.g., generators, booms, cherry pickers, etc.).
- our detailed maintenance records of your vehicles would ensure a proper service cycle.
- we have a preventive maintenance program designed to your company's unique circumstances.
- we are able to provide timely computerized reports that are suitable for your needs.
- we are able to accommodate the servicing of all types of cars and trucks.
- we are easily accessible and are always pleased to be at your service.
- we can provide educational programs designed to assist the drivers in operating the vehicles safely.
- we offer reasonable rates for premium service.